About Us

Our Approach

We try and think outside the box, to be innovative and come up with designs that are unique and challenge your imagination allowing you to bring your tabletop game to a new level of AMAZING! In doing so we open your eyes to a new way of building your tabletop layout and help you to “Elevate your Gaming!”. 


Our Story

Bad Tentacles was created in October of 2017, by artist and designer Eric Askue.   The  goal was to offer unique and unexpected terrain option for you and your 3D printer. 

Changing how we game and what terrain is really about.  Our catalog will challenge your imagination without being overly complicated to print and assemble.  Thank you for checking out Bad Tentacles and we hope to “elevate your gaming.” 


Meet the Leadership

These are the people behind Bad Tentacles and drive the direction of our designs and the company.

Eric Askue

Founder/CEO & Lead Artist



James McCann